My Areas of Expertise

SaaS Development

I specialize in building product at a fast pace where we constantly innovate, release, learn, adjust and iterate the product to meet our users' needs.

UI/UX Design

User interfaces need to be intuitive and easy to use. I stress simplified UX flows combined with beautiful design to provide the largest impact to the user.
Design makes everything possible.

Development Process

Moving fast requires a smooth process. As a Certified ScrumMaster®, I understand the fundamental rules for scrum development and know how to tweak the formula to yield the best results.

Competitive Market Analysis

It doesn't matter if you're on top or just breaking into the market, you have to know your competition. I keep a close watch on what others in my field are doing so that I'm never caught off guard.

Data Driven Development

We all have our assumptions but nothing is concrete unless we have the numbers. I base my product decisions on the metrics.
Testing is a lifestyle, not a task.

Relationship Management

Building positive relationships has always been a forte of mine. Every successful company has relationships with both their users and also other companies in their industry.


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